Michalak Pest Control
3510 W Abbott Ave
Greenfield WI 53221
Michalak Pest Control

Michalak Pest Control has been providing pest control services

since 2012.  

Services include:

*  insects

*  bed bugs

*  animal nuisance control

*  bee removal

*  bat removal

*  weed control

Contact Michalak Pest Control today for your pest control

needs at 414-916-8580.

Phone Number
(414) 916-8580
Date Joined the BBB
Type(s) of Business
Animal & Wildlife Removal
Bat Removal
Bed Bug Inspection Service
Bed Bug Removal
Bee Removal
Insect Control Devices
Pest Control Services
Weed Control Service

Date Established
3510 W Abbott Ave
Greenfield WI 53221
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